Meet Simon The Curious

Storyteller & Mystery Performer

Looking for something different for your event. Join Simon The Curious on a journey of mystery and wonder as he shares some of the most mystical and darkest artifacts collected from all over the world. If you are a fan of magic, horror and fantastic tales then it may be time… to unbox the mysterious.


I’ve been a collector of bizarre and magical apparatus for over 30 years. Until recently these items have been kept under lock and key in my parlour in Cape Town, South Africa with only a very select few ever having the pleasure of seeing them. 

I have also always been an avid storyteller and about three years ago I started sharing the incredible artefacts from my collection with small audiences at dinner parties and private events. These demonstrations are accompanied by interesting (and often dark) tales. I can’t always explain the things that occur during these presentations, save to say that most people have an interesting emotional reaction, one that they hopefully remember for years to come.

Ghostly Tales

Who doesn't love a good ghost story right? Break on through to the other side with unearthly delights. Not for the faint of heart.


We use some good old fashioned detective skills and magic to examine the hard evidence and solve crimes that have long gone cold.


If aged tarot cards, crystals, pendulums and vintage ouija boards are up your alley then you'll be suitably entertained. That's my prediction...

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Man, machine and telekinesis

Is it possible that a piece of technology could be used to enhance human ability? One of our guests attempts to  move objects, using only their mind…

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Children and paranormal psychology

We examine the journal of a 9 year old girl who’d been hospitalised in the 1970’s in Cape Town. Are the messages we receive from Alice, or some other dark passenger?

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A dark mystery on her 18th birthday

It had been many years since I’d heard from old Octavius. It was no coincindence when a strange package arrived on my daughter’s 18th birthday…

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Four strangers learn how to bend metal using only their minds

Mentalists often perform feats of metal bending using telekinesis. In this experiment we tried to get four audience members to do it using only their collective mind power.

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Do we use intuition or are the spirits guiding us?

Watch as we take an audience member on a journey through the Diogenes Club in the hope of solving a long-cold case. Is he guided by intuition or by a ghostly presence?


Some examples of the artefacts in our museum – used in our storytelling experiments.

Avoiding the grave
A victorian school tale
Wishing cards


Every so often, we share short videos of some of our curiosities here and on our YouTube channel . 

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Watch this space for more unboxing videos.

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Watch this space for more unboxing videos.

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Watch this space for more unboxing videos.


Some thoughts and random ramblings

Unboxing the mysterious

Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my website. I’ll be posting here regularly. More to follow